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Buying or selling a home in Nova Scotia, Canada? Get the latest MLS listings and real estate information for cities all across Nova Scotia. We email you these MLS listings the instant a house, condo or other real estate that matches your search criteria becomes available on the Nova Scotia market.

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Nova Scotia

About Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is the most populous of the Canadian Maritine provinces. Its capital, Halifax, with a surrounding population of almost 400,000, is the major economic centre of the provice and of the region. The two other population centres are Sydney (Pop 105,928 in 2006), home of Cape Breton University, located 350 kilometers northeast of Halifax and Yarmouth (Pop 26,2777 in 2006), a major fishing and ferry port, located 250 kilometers southwest.

Nova Scotia is located between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Bay of Fundy jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. This provides a continental climate with cold winters (-1° to -21°C) and warm summers (14° to 39°C). It is the second smallest provice and the second most denslely populated in Canada. The traditional economy is based in natural resources including fishing, mining, agriculture, paper and forestry and has expanded since the middle of the 20th Century to include tourism, film, music, finance and technology.

Recreation abounds and with strong Scotish roots, as the name implies, its only natural to find Nova Scotia to be world-class golf destination with over 60 diverse golf courses. Never more than 65 kilometers from the sea, there is boating, hiking on beaches or Spruce scented trails, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, cycling, historic sites and cultural activities, including the Antigonish Highland Games. Go to www.novascotia.ca for more information. Halifax Airport provides easy access to major cities in Canada, the United States and Europe. Convenient ferries and quick access via Highway104 and Highway 2 make transportation easy. A high quality of life and low cost of living make Nova Scotia an affordable and enjoyable place to buy a home. Those who come, quickly find that it is a place that welcomes with a friendly, accepting attitude. For more information about real estate or buying and selling a home in Nova Scotia follow the links on this page.

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