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Buying or selling a home in New Brunswick, Canada? Get the latest MLS listings and real estate information for cities all across New Brunswick. We email you these MLS listings the instant a house, condo or other real estate that matches your search criteria becomes available on the New Brunswick market.

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New Brunswick

About New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick is the largest of the three Canadian maritime provinces, yet differs from all of them in that it is not completely surrounded by water. Instead, it has a significant seacoast and is sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean and its oceanic influences. Even settlement and the economy tend to be dictated by the province’s river systems rather than the seacoast. It is the only constitutionally bilingual province in Canada with English and French as its official languages.

New Brunswick sits to the west of an entire coastline and has beautiful sandy beaches in the summer, colorful autumn foliage, wildflowers in the spring, and snowy winters. Rolling hills and awesome views along with both historic and modern architecture located in its many cities, towns and villages make New Brunswick quite unique in the world. New Brunswick is home to the famous Reversing Falls where the tides alter its direction. New Brunswick also borders the Bay of Fundy with daily, unusual funneling of the tides, which create some of the world’s most extreme tides, towering over 14 metres. To the west, we have one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges, the Appalachians, which provide plenty of spectacular outdoor activities such as endless hiking trails with breathtaking lookouts and vistas as well as canoeing the lakes and rivers. To the north, New Brunswick is home to one of the world’s most beautiful bays, Chaleur Bay, with a vibrant culture, amazing beauty and fascinating history. The bay has famous fishing grounds including lobster, mackerel and herring, and many Acadian fishing villages along its coastline.

In the midst of all the natural wonders, New Brunswick also has its urban adventures in its eight major cities – Bathurst, Campbellton, Dieppe, Edmundston, Fredericton, Miramichi, Moncton, and Saint John. Saint John is not only New Brunswick’s largest city, but it is also among the busiest shipping ports in Canada. It hosts Canada’s biggest oil refinery, and the retail, commercial and residential sectors are currently rising again. Moncton is actually the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the province, among the top ten in all of Canada. The economy is fueled by transportation, commercial, retail, distribution and the information technology sectors. Fredericton is the provincial capital but not simply the seat of government. It is rather rich in heritage and culture and best known for the famous Beaverbrook Art Gallery and its residential and institutional, pre-Confederation architecture.

There are plenty of great fitness and recreational activities in the New Brunswick neighbourhoods, making it ideal for raising a family. Crime rates are far below the already low national average. In addition, the low cost of living in New Brunswick allows even those who earn a modest income to live comfortably. In fact, housing costs and the cost of living are among the lowest in all of Canada. The average price for a Saint John house for sale is $160,000, which is less than half of an average property in Toronto. New Brunswick is notable for having a strong sense of community and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Find the suitable and affordable home of your dreams in New Brunswick today through the form on this page.

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