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Buying or selling a home in Manitoba, Canada? Get the latest MLS listings and real estate information for cities all across Manitoba. We email you these MLS listings the instant a house, condo or other real estate that matches your search criteria becomes available on the Manitoba market.

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About Manitoba

Manitoba sits on the eastern end of the Canadian Prairie, between Saskatchewan on the west and Ontario on the east. Most of Manitoba’s population lives in the southern part of the province, with the vast majority (600,000 people) living in the provincial capital in Winnipeg. There are other smaller cities such as Brandon, Thompson and Steinbach which have about 10,000 each.

Manitoba has its host of provincial parks offering some of the most rewarding recreational experiences. It is home to Riding Mountain National Park and Wapusk National Park which each provide spectacular wildlife viewing, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding trails, campgrounds, and water recreation. In addition, you can take a stroll, swim, wind surf or hike at the powdery white sand beaches and see the grass-topped dunes at Grand Beach, rated one of the top beaches in all of North America. Manitoba also features vibrant cultural festivals, arts and performances. There’s the Winnipeg Art Gallery featuring old and new works and many events for writers, poets, musicians and filmmakers. Manitoba is home to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet which values traditional ballet at the highest and hosts numerous productions throughout the year. The Manitoba Theatre Centre presents over 250 performances annually for over 150,000 spectators and also produces the Master Playwright Festival and the Winnipeg Fringe Theater Festival. Manitoba’s rich heritage can be visited at The Manitoba Museum with galleries portraying its rich and colourful history throughout its nine regions.

While much of the province is covered in lakes and untouched forests, Winnipeg as the capital city is its center of finance and commerce. You can find aerospace, finance, insurance, and transportation companies all doing business in Winnipeg.

Summer temperatures in Manitoba are temperate, averaging 19 °C in the southern areas, where most of the population lives. Mid-winter temperatures in the south average -17 °C. This is cold enough to freeze over both Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba, enabling world famous ice fishing. In the northern part of the province, where fewer people live, temperatures can reach -40°C. As a result most people live south of the two major lakes where the climate is less extreme. The sparse population to the north however means that Manitoba is home to one of the few untouched and pristine boreal forests.

Real Estate in Manitoba can be quite affordable compared to other Canadian provinces. An average single family home in the Winnipeg area goes for $160,000. If Manitoba has the qualities you are looking for, you can start your search for Manitoba Real Estate here. Simply fill in the form on this page to receive updates on Manitoba MLS listings and find homes for sale in your area of interest.

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